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Free Mortgage Calculator For Your Website

Provide Your Customers This Valuable Calculator Free of Charge

Place our free mortgage calculator on your sites using any of the following formats. We offer static text links, images, and fully functional calculators that you can embed in your website.

Simply copy the code below and paste it into your website for a quick and easy calculator...

  1. Pick the style you would like below
  2. Click "Copy to Clipboard"
  3. Find a location to put it in your website's source code
  4. Hit Control+V to paste the code
  5. Save your page and upload it to your server
  6. Visit your page and verify it works!

Wordpress site owners, you have two options...
  1. Copy and paste the snippet into the Text tab of your WYSIWYG editor.
  2. Download our widget below and install it as a Wordpress Plugin
Easy to Install Mortgage Calculator

Fully Functional Mortgage Calculator

Copy and paste this snippet: Copy to Clipboard

Compact Version - Mini Form

With this snippet, you can place a simple form that will accept your users' input and take them to the full Mortgage Calculator with results in place in a new tab.

Home Price
Percent Down
Money Down
Loan Amount
Interest Rate
Term Length
Copy and paste this snippet: Copy to Clipboard

Wordpress Plugin

We also have this Wordpress Plugin available for free download.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the plugin
  2. Unzip the download
  3. FTP the contents of the zip file into your site's "/wp-content/plugins" directory
  4. Activate the plugin
  5. Use shortcode "[csmortgagecalc]" anywhere in your Wordpress WYSIWYG editor
Free Wordpress Plugin - Mortgage Calculator

Text Link to our Mortgage Calculator

You may link directly to the full mortgage calculator right here on by copying and pasting this HTML anywhere on your site.

Mortgage Calculator

Copy to Clipboard

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